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Partner with J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management

Who We Are

We are a global sustainable asset manager, part of a leading Swiss banking group with a long tradition in managing a broad range of active investment strategies.
As a family-owned entity, sustainability is in our DNA. Over 30 years ago we were among the first asset managers to develop sustainable investment strategies.

What We Offer

We empower our clients to achieve their financial and sustainability goals by providing superior investment solutions.
We offer an extensive range of actively managed investment funds and customized mandates across all asset classes.

We Know What It Takes

We believe that sustainability is a long-term force for change. That is why we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors across our investment solutions, actively engage with companies, and target better outcomes.
With a large and experienced investment team, we combine ESG factors and traditional financial data in every step of the investment process with the objective to make better-informed investment decisions.

It is the Right Thing to Do

For us, investing sustainably is both a great opportunity and the right thing to do. Lasting, sustainable returns can only be realized if the livelihood of future generations is preserved.
A sustainable future requires significant environmental, social and regulatory changes. As sustainable investors, we contribute to this through our actions.
Ultimately, it’s about creating better returns – and looking after the world we live in.